TRUE BLOOD – 4.8 – Spellbound

Sookie and Eric lying in a bed S-H-A-G-G-I-N-G
This week, we get an indication that trouble is brewing early on when the werewolves decide to “Stay the fuck away from the Vampires and Witches at war”.  

Marnie-Antonia is livid that she only killed one vamp. 

Bill brokers a meetings with Marnie-Antonia to take place, appropriately, in a cemetery.

Yes, with extra Anchovies ...
But what of Eric and Sookie, the love-birds, I hear you cry?  Well, under the influence of her Faerie blood, they act like a couple of stoned teens as they’re all nekkid in the shower.  And, yes, Alexander Skarsgård finally gets his ass out.  Happy now?

And so we arrive at the meeting between Bill and Marnie-Antonia and there are an extraordinary number of surprises and shocks in this culminating sequence. 

After this, they really will be at war!  Can’t wait.

Oh, and the best five minutes of the season so far is followed by the best piece of end credit music!

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