TRUE BLOOD 4.10 – Burning Down the House

Let's go to work ... Finally.
The last few weeks’ episodes have been named after the songs which have accompanied the end credits … So, this week, I was all geared-up for some Talking Heads action … But no, it’s a cover by The Used.  Devastated!

Sookie is finally motivated to doing something that doesn’t involve showing the world her knicker collection.  She gets mad and, finally, after nine weeks of, frankly, doing bugger-naff-all, she unleashes all kinds of super-powers.  She saves the day – and both of her vamp bfs – and knocks all of the wide-eyed-puppy-dog stuffing out of Eric.

otherwise, it's a performances episode, with several actors getting to update their audition reels with some powerful scenes.  What don’t we get?  You'll have to read the full review to find out.

You can find it on What Culture here.

Then come back and listen to the version of Burning Down the House they should have used!

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