Tom Hanks had the RIGHT Idea ... I Want MY Money Back!

Larry Crowne didn't play my local cinema because, contrary to appearances, it doesn't contain any car chases and therefore is of no interest to the mouth-breathers who frequent my local kinema.  I, therefore, have no opinion on the film ... But there are others on which I certainly do!
So, you’ve seen the news story – reported here in The Guardian – of Tom Hanks giving the cinema ticket money back to two people who didn’t like his film Larry Crowne.  Is that a dangerous precedent or the way forward? 

Well, I think that might be the way forward!  Bringing film-makers to book.   

So, over on WhatCulture! I've put together a list of the five biggest miscreants who OWE ME BIG!!

You'll find the list here.

And yes, it is meant to be funny!

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