TRUE BLOOD 4.5 – “Me and the Devil”

That hoodie must be getting aromatic now, he's been wearing it weeks!
This week, Bon Temps gets religion.  We have good honest existentialist angst, an epiphany, prayer, an exorcism and rather too much gospel singing!

We also get a lot of dreams and flashbacks this week!

We get some extra screen-time for some of last week’s B stories.  We also learn an important life-lesson about gators!

Meanwhile, we spend the most time yet with Marnie in her Moon Goddess Emporium. The problem with this storyline, so far, has been that we, the viewer, don’t fear of witches.  But Pam does!

This was not a Good Face Day for Pam
After one brief appearance last week, Terry and Arlene and their cute little possessed moppet have their own little sub-plot.
See ... See ... Cutest little demon ever!
Oh, and Sookie sleeps with Eric!

Well, NO ONE expected this ... Did they!
All the details and my review in full here: On What Culture!

I have been asked not to re-print my What Culture reviews here so, for the time being, following the link will be your best way to resume normal service.  Don't panic, my cinema reviews will still be appearing here!

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