TRUE BLOOD 4.6 – “I Wish I Was The Moon”

Bill looks back sourly as his days modelling for Grattan ...
It’s Full Moon – and we know that’s the time when all the freaks come out … So how can we expect Full Moon in Bon Temps to be anything other than the night when it all kicks off.

Snookie finally goes from ‘get out of my house’ to ‘get into my knickers’.

This results in Bill turning into the bad-guy and passing a True Death sentence on Eric.

Sam - Tommy, Tommy - Sam ... Just like that!
Tommy finds that he can now shape-change into other people, a turn-up that could prove to have fatal consequences for him.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Jason's superpower is that he’s extra-good at sex.  Oh, and speaking of which ...

So, Jess keeps her clothes on this week ... One of the few who do!
... Jess turns up to be with him.
No-one expects The Spanish inquisition!
Down in King Bill’s dungeon, Marnie continues to be a pathetic, needy spirit whore – begging The Spanish Witch to use her.   She may regret what she wishes for ...

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