So I decided to go to a car-boot sale this morning.  It was sunny and, so far as I knew, I had nothing special to do.  Bought some old film mags (a clutch of Picturegoer magazines from the 1950s and 40s, the oldest being from 1924).  I get a real thrill leafing through magazines which were first read fifty-plus years ago.  The style of the articles and particularly the adverts give one a little slice of history as real people lived it!

Anyway, I was sitting in the car, leafing through one of these when my phone rang.  It was my local BBC radio station.  They were running a feature based on this news item, about Virgin Airlines giving warnings about movies that are likely to make their customers cry.  They wanted me to talk about tear-jerking movies.

So I did.  And here is that bijou nugget of timeless radio gold.  The Cellulord on BBC Humberside, interviewed by their afternoon presenter, Carl Wheatley:

  The Cellulord on BBC Humberside by cellulord 

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