TRUE BLOOD – 4.7: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Deborah Ann Woll seems to be the big hit of this season ... Her career's really hotting up!

It’s still Full Moon; weirdness still abounds! 

We get more of Jesus and LaFayette’s adventures down Mexico-way.

We get more of Pam's hilarious spite, plus an odd make-over for her.

Pam's new beauty regime is kept under wraps.
The Marnie/Antonia story finally takes centre-stage and Bill reminds us just how potentially dangerous she is - just before she demonstrates her power in the most shocking cliff-hanger ending of the season.

I have been asked not to re-print my What Culture reviews here so, for the time being, all the details and my review in full is here: On What Culture!  Don't panic, my cinema reviews will still be appearing here!

Then, after you've been there, swing back here and watch this mini-making of:

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