TRUE BLOOD 4.12 – “And When I Die”

How'd you like your stake?

It's been a while ... Crazy time!  Now for a little catch-up:

The series finale of True Blood.  Overall, I thought this was the best-written and most satisfying episode we’ve had this year.  As a whole, the season seemed to lack focus, for me … It rambled.  The questions asked in the first episode were not satisfyingly answered in the last, and that means that the structure of the series seems off-kilter. 

And, as for Sookie ... She spends NINE episodes doing precisely nothing.  Yes, I understand that the show is about her emotional development, but couldn’t they have had her doing something useful and even interesting whilst being in love with New Eric?

For a show like True Blood, a season needs to be like a novel, with each chapter leading you progressively towards a satisfactory conclusion.  Fair enough, leave a few loose ends if you want, but do it with subtlety.  Like Dexter does it, in other words!

Anyway, my full in-depth review is on What Culture! here:

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