TRUE BLOOD 4.9 – “Let’s Get Out Of Here”.

Sookie continues to frequent only the finest lingerie shops ...
After the last two weeks, things were starting to tie together in a satisfying manner but this week, once again, some of the plot threads seem to have broken free and are flapping around loose.

What of Marnie/Antonia?  Well, she brought Eric under her spell at the end of last week’s battle and so she has turned Eric into a weapon … one could even call him a tool.

Meanwhile, on a not unrelated matter, Sookie, with nothing better to do, fantasises about her two vampires.  She insists she doesn’t want them fighting over her … But, of course, that’s exactly what she wants!

I have been asked not to re-print my What Culture reviews here so, for the time being, following this link will be your best way to read this full review.  Don't panic, my cinema reviews will still be appearing here, when I get some free time to catch up with them!

Then, when you have read the review, pop back here and watch this mini making-of:

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